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Next Generation Clinical Marketing

Data-Based Uncommon Growth Agency.

The relentless actions who deliver results or get your money back

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Growing with MCMakers® is mandatory.

Personalised Strategies

Made for you and no-one else.

Flexible strategies fully customized on your situation and resources.
Simply put: a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing has never been less relevant or practical for healthcare.

Do so as a practice by custom tailoring every one of the actions we run according to the treatments you operate.

We make patients to be part with their data, so it is used to provide targeted, personalized and relevant offers.

While many solutions, deliver marginal improvements, they struggle to reach all the potential benefits that personalization or 1-to-1  strategies brings.
Results Driven

Built with results.

Only concrete quantitative improvements is truth.
Promise : You will never listen the word "likes" or "comments" from us.

Qualitative and quantitative results are the only metrics we can deal with. And the ones you should deal with too. Patient's acquired, conversion rates, that's it.

With MCMakers® you will have results, or you get your money back, with no question asked. Contact us.
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Marketing Data-Based

What is measurable can be improved. What isn't can't.

Thanks to data the wave will get bigger along the way.
All of our clients can manage all the steps and all the data of the results and what's happening by included in the service we deliver. You will have you dashboard and you will see the magic numbers ongoing.
Because every channel can produce results

We're here to help your clinic grow.

Does it matter if online or offline?
Looking data : more than 43% of patients are acquired in off-line touch-points. That's why MCMakers® create astonishing results, 'cause it makes work both online and offline.

You will get costs-free offline strategies to get 2 new patients every 10 people come in your structure and on-demand leverage in your patients portfolio.
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Average increase in sales for our Clients.
* At least that's what they tell us!
Clinics helped since we launched in May 2018
* Including bot signups
Average work-hours you will save per human resource monthly
* When you quit Instagram

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