Dentistry, Medicine & Aesthetic Surgery.

A state-of-the-art clinic in digitalized management, with functional ethics and professional values of excellence

Total to rent, renovate and open in December 2021
Revenue turnover, since we aren't open yet
New patients booked between this pre-launch
Full-digital management
Systems in place to cut non-clinical work-hours and clinical agenda setting.
Non-clinical working hours
Patient-focussed procedures.
Survey-based protocols guiding assistance & communications
Avarage patient retention
Hackered Growth
Unique patient experience and paid advertising make marketing works
Return on advertising spent
How is close to run :

Patient-based clinic.

Cure and do it well is the, only, thing to do. All next follow this core value.
  • Premium Assistence H24
  • Exclusive Popular Doctors
  • Premium Ticket Treatments

Build productive clinics with this clever tools.

1. Patient-based marketing.
Strategies tailored to get new patients without sell unethically
2. Digital management.
Get a massive easy-ness to manage work increments
3. Patient-Experience.
A modular system for increase retention of big volumes of daily patients

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