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Merge & Acquisition process from start to finish.

 Strategic vs. financial buys. Hard and soft synergies. We take care of all of this.

Deal structuring.
Due Diligence, Term Sheet, Letter of Intent, all to layout the terms of proposal.
Award Winning Analysts.
Valuation and modelling. Needs to be done by, not just "good at math" people. But winners.
Rival bidders.
Buy pay over the instrinsic value, is easy. Contrary is hard. We are good at hard.

The mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process has many steps.

  Can often take anywhere from 6 months to years to complete.

We complete, whatever it takes.

Check out the steps of benefits you'll get from our M&A advisory.

Developing a good acquisition strategy revolves around the acquirer having a clear idea of what they expect to gain from making the acquisition – what their business purpose is for acquiring the target company (e.g., expand serving locations or gain access to new markets)
Determining the key criteria for identifying potential target companies (e.g., profit margins, geographic location, or patients base)
We help the acquirer uses their identified search criteria to look for and then evaluate potential target companies world-wide.
We do for the acquirer, or we help the acquirer, makes contact with one or more companies that meet its search criteria and appear to offer good value; the purpose of initial conversations is to get more information and to see how amenable to a merger or acquisition the target company is. Know your future partner.
Assuming initial contact and conversations go well, Us or the acquirer asks the target company to provide substantial information (current financials, etc.) that will enable the acquirer to further evaluate the target, both as a business on its own and as a suitable acquisition target.
After producing several valuation models of the target company, the acquirer should have sufficient information to enable Us to construct a reasonable offer; Once the initial offer has been presented, the two companies can negotiate terms in more detail.
Due diligence is an exhaustive process that begins when the offer has been accepted; due diligence aims to confirm or correct the acquirer’s assessment of the value of the target company by conducting a detailed examination and analysis of every aspect of the target company’s operations – its financial metrics, assets and liabilities, customers, human resources, etc.
Assuming due diligence is completed with no major problems or concerns arising, the next step forward is executing a final contract for sale; the parties make a final decision on the type of purchase agreement, whether it is to be an asset purchase or share purchase.
Us together with the acquirer will, of course, have explored financing options for the deal earlier, but the details of financing typically come together after the purchase and sale agreement has been signed.
The acquisition deal closes, and management teams of the target and acquirer work together on the process of merging the two firms.

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