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Restructuring & Turnaround

Helping horizontally healthcare

 companies avoid an early exit by leading them through a business turnaround.

Today, the chances of any given traditional healthcare company ceasing to exist in its current form over the next 5 years are 1 in 3.

  Fifty years ago, they were 1 in 20. Yes, also in our industry big lacks of inno.

What Medical Capital restructuring and turnaround strategy teams can do for your company :

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Contingency Planning and Insolvency Solutions
Most restructurings and turnaroung activities need a “Way-Out Plan” whether as a contingency plan to provide comfort for directors and stakeholders or, alternatively, for financial stakeholders to create a credible point of leverage to break the deadlock and help all parties reach a consensual deal. In particularly challenging situations, when directors and businesses are facing increasing risks and challenges to continued trading, we create the time, space and environment to develop and deliver the right solutions.We work with management and financial stakeholders to use the pace, protection, powers and flexibility available under insolvency laws to address the issues threatening the survival of a business.
Corporate Simplifications
Group structures can become increasingly complex over time, leading to increased costs and risks.We have experience supporting the complete spectrum of organizations in simplifying their corporate structure. Our team integrates restructuring, tax and financial advisory knowledge to help organizations assess, rationalize and simplify their legal entity structures across the following key phases of corporate simplification: setup, group complexity analysis, program management, due diligence, and issue resolution and entity eliminations.
Liquidity and Working Capital
Especially in times of uncertainty and disruption, many management teams struggle to sustain good control over short-term cash flows and the working capital that drives them, leaving the business vulnerable to market and operational changes.We have experience supporting the complete spectrum of companies, whether a successful business seeking to enhance shareholder value or an organization experiencing a cash crisis. We help you develop the three main ingredients of strong working capital management: identification of cash-generating opportunities, cash flow forecasting, and visibility and control through our advanced digital analytical techniques.
Interim Management
Medical Capital can help with interim management acting as a Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO) and offering Chief Restructuring Advisor (CRA) services. Restructuring or turning around an organization brings many challenges on top of the daily demands of running a business, for example: managing competing agendas, creating time to develop options, knowing which option is the right one when information may be imperfect and executing decisions at pace to maintain stakeholder support in a stressed environment.We create understanding, alignment and support with internal and external stakeholders. We focus on actions that deliver transformational outcomes and provide interim management solutions, including offering a CRO or CRA, to help you deliver results.
Preserving Stakeholders Value
Stakeholders are asked to respond quickly when businesses underperform or suffer liquidity shortfalls or value erosion. We help provide support and communications in a rapidly changing environment when information is incomplete, agendas no longer align, and confidence is reduced.We work with all stakeholders to preserve, create and recover value through restructuring advice, critical appraisal of a company’s ongoing viability, stakeholder intermediation, options analysis and entity priority analysis.
Debt Restructuring & Capital Raising
Preserving value for a company and its stakeholders often requires a reshaping of the capital structure. This is achieved by a combination of selling non-core assets or business units to generate cash, attracting new capital and rescheduling or retiring existing obligations. Our team is experienced in helping you prepare proposals, obtain stakeholder support and execute the transaction.
Rapid Value Creation
Most businesses are likely to experience operational challenges and underperformance at some point. While the root causes can be buried, the negative impact can be highly visible — profit warnings, declining performance metrics, failure to achieve project milestones, loss of customer contracts or management departures. Whether a business is in crisis or is simply facing an operational challenge, our team is experienced in helping underperforming or stressed businesses to develop and implement operational strategies to drive rapid performance improvement.
Fix & Turnaround Taxes
At whatever stage an organization is on the performance curve, tax is an area that cannot be overlooked. Tax strategies can have an enormous impact on your business recovery. When well managed they can be vital in enabling a business turnaround, however when ignored they can eliminate options. Whether your business is underperforming, stressed or distressed, our global network of tax professionals can help you create, preserve or recover value. The global Medical Capital network combines local tax knowledge across a broad spectrum of industry sectors, to help you make informed decisions and navigate the tax implications of all your business-critical decisions.

Phases could you encounter in a turnaround process :

Changing management is synonymous with changing the philosophy of how we will run the place to achieve results. Communication with all stakeholders is paramount through all stages of the process. Set goals that achieve stakeholder objectives, then apply incentive-based management to motivate the proper results. Tie everyone to the same broad set of goals and accent how functions can compliment the performance of related departments.
This analysis culminate in formulating a preliminary action plan stating what is wrong, how to fix them, key strategies to turn the entity in a positive direction, and a cash flow forecast (at least 13 weeks) to understand cash usage. Turnaround strategies are often impacted by local government policy. Payment of wages after lay-offs, dealing with the local authorities regarding the process.
Review the balance sheet for internal sources of cash such as collecting accounts receivable, and renegotiating payments against accounts payable. Sell unprofitable business units, real estate, unutilized assets. Secure asset-based loans if needed. Restructure debt to balance the amount of interest payments with the level the company can afford.
Focus should change from cash flow crisis to profitability. Fix the capital structure and renegotiate the long and short term debt. Reporting systems put in place are operationalised to show profitability at each revenue center, cost center, profit center, cash center, incentive center. Unless employees can see it they can’t manage it. Incentive-based management will drive employees to get involved smartly, to identify and rework inefficiencies and promote profitability.
Institutionalize the changes in corporate culture to emphasize profitability, ROI, and return on assets employed. Seek opportunities for profitable growth. Build on competitive strengths. Improve customer service and relationships. Build continuous management and employee training and development programs to raise the caliber of your human capital.

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